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Zotrim is the top appetite suppressant available in the UK in our opinion, backed as it is by 8 clinical studies and recently coming first place in a BBC 2 trial of weight loss drugs.

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Zotrim Slimming Pill Review

Visit Zotrim Slimming Pill SiteZotrim is one of the few weight loss aids backed by multiple scientific studies, is cheap, and may, in our opinion, be the best option as an appetite suppressant for British slimmers. Zotrim is a herbal tablet which contains the extracts of three South American herbs: yerba mate (boosts energy levels), guarana (suppresses appetite and helps fat burning), and damiana (anti-bacterial effects). Zotrim claims this particular herbal combination slows the rate of your stomach emptying, which makes you feel full for longer and therefore less likely to eat excessively. By feeling full faster, in theory you should be able to cut out snacks and cut down on meal portions and overall calories consumed. While there is significant evidence Zotrim actually works in this manner, there is less proof that it makes you feel more invigorated, re-energised, and active as the makers also claim.

Unlike so many weight loss products, there are eight clinical studies confirming weight loss among Zotrim users. The product has been discussed at the 15th European Congress on Obesity, the British Food Journal, and in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. The studies showed gastric emptying time increased 20 minutes over placebo subjects to 58 minutes. The trials also found that participants had an average weight loss of 11 pounds in 6 weeks, with a healthy weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week, often beginning from their second week using the product.

Yerba MateZotrim's advertising claims you can lose 5% of your body weight in just 6 weeks and reduce your waist to hip ratio 4.3cm in four weeks. We're naturally skeptical of claims such as this, but the clinical data for a fairly significant loss is compelling.

The best time to take Zotrim is 15 minutes before a meal, though you can take it while eating the meal if you forget. Zotrim is made from 100% organic plant extracts and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Zotrim is produced by Natures Remedies Ltd., based in Cambridge, and was launched in 2000. To date, Zotrim has been used by 10 million consumers worldwide. The product has featured widely in the Media, and was the only natural pill to show clinical weight loss on BBC 2's Professor Regan's Diet Clinic programme (17 April 2009). Professor Regan noted it was the superior diet supplement compared to other untested products, far cheaper, and produced faster, sustainable results. Without introducing changes to their dietary habits or lifestyle, participants were able to reduce their meal sizes and feel fuller faster.


GuaranaIll effects: You should not take Zotrim if you are under 16 years old, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or are sensitive to caffeine. The company points out that the clinical trials have produced no known side effects other than occasional reports of nausea when some people started taking Zotrim.

Nonetheless, as one of the three ingredients, guarana, contains caffeine (a day's supply has about as much as one cup of coffee), those with adverse reactions to caffeine should not take it. And of course you can expect the same effects as with caffeine, though by dividing that "cup of coffee" effect over three sessions in the day, the impact should be slight.


Yerba MatePrices: Given the proven effectiveness of Zotrim, it's priced quite reasonably compared to the many untested "snake oil" products on the market. While you can purchase it at many chemists and grocery stores, you can save up to 25% by purchasing online. A one-month supply costs $49.95 (~£30, the website will do the exact foreign exchange conversion for you), but if you buy six months, it is only $224.78 (which works out to around $37.46 per month / ~£22.70)

Zotrim is sold with a 100 percent money-back guarantee via the official website.

Note, Zotrim herbal weight loss aids should not be confused with an unrelated prescription urinary tract medication that shares the same name.


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Key Facts

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• Backed by 8 clinical trials
• Makes you feel full
• Cuts down on snacking/portion sizes

• Claims of energy boost not confirmed
• Needs to be taken three times/day

Price: 1 month supply $49.95 (~£30, the website will do the foreign exchange conversion for you), six months for $224.78 (which works out to around $37.46 per month / ~£22.70)

Philosophy: Appetite suppressant & metabolism booster

Clinical Trials: 7

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