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Yogalates for Weight Loss

This hybrid of Pilates and Yoga is intense enough to get you fit and losing weight, but is low impact and great for beginners and people who've suffered injuries.

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Yogalates for Weight Loss DVD Review

Visit Yogalates for Weight Loss DVD SiteYogalates for Weight Loss harnesses the health benefits of Pilates and Yoga for a very focused but low impact workout for those wanting to slim down and tone up safely. Louise Soloman released this DVD at the end of 2006, but it amazingly remains in the top 10 UK bestsellers, quite a testament to its success and popularity. Louise is an excellent trainer, and her soothing voice has an almost hypnotic quality which keeps you going. The location, a tranquil beach in Byron Bay, Australia, is the perfect backdrop for the workout.

Yogalates for Weight Loss is a full body programme, targeting the tummy and upper body, sculpting the arms and toning the abs, and targeting the lower body as well, shaping the legs, tightening the buttocks, and such. Don't get me wrong, this is a serious workout, that beginners and more advanced types will find fun and useful, but it's especially well-suited if you're out of shape--unlike many yoga and Pilates programmes which won't get you sweating and losing weight, this one does, while staying low impact and easy to follow. Some of the positions (the plank especially) are tough to hold, but there's a good mixture of positions, and you can always modify the tough ones.

You're meant to follow the programme at least three times a week for optimum effects, a day's rest between sessions works well for recovery, perhaps with a walk on the off days. If you like this Yogalates DVD, there are five earlier ones by Louse Soloman available, but this version is aimed specifically at weight loss.

Yogalates imageUnlike the vast majority of fitness DVD's, Yogalates for Weight Loss one doesn't have any music--this will put some people off, but many people find it actually helps them relax.


Content: Yogalates for Weight Loss is divided into two main workouts--Core Toning sessions which is mainly upper body and abs, and Cardio Enhance, which is aimed more at legs and butt. There is also a targeted 15-minute session of intense "Instant Abs" as well as a guided body relaxation session. With this setup, you can do a short session , or combine them all for a mega workout.


Prices: The Yogalates for Weight Loss DVD retails for £15.99, but you can get it much cheaper on Amazon for around £4.98.


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Visit Yogalates for Weight Loss DVD Site


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Key Facts

Yogalates for Weight Loss DVD Logo

• Yoga/Pilates hybrid intense enough for weight loss
• Low impact, so great for beginners or some with minor injuries
• 3 years as a bestseller, must be doing something right

• Weight loss won't be as quick as intense programmes
• Some dislike lack of music
• Holding positions may be tough for some

Price: £4.98 online, RRP £15.98

Exercise Type: Pilates and yoga hybrid

Run TIme: 71 minutes

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