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Xenadrine EFX

Xenadrine has been reformulated to remove the dangerous Ephedra ingredients, but there are still health concerns about its use, so we'd steer clear.

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Xenadrine EFX Slimming Pill Review

Visit Xenadrine Slimming Pill SiteXenadrine is a well-known slimming tablet, but even though the dangerous ephedra ingredient has now been removed there are still health concerns about its use, so we'd steer clear. Xenadrine contains a mixture of green tea extract, yerba mate, and bitter orange which purports to increase fat burning. Some studies have shown that green tea extract may help with slimming by aiding fat oxidation, but more research is needed. As Yerba mate contains caffeine, it may boost metabolism slightly, as may the extract from bitter orange.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of clinical trials to gauge whether Xenadrine EFX truly works, so we'd stick with a proven weight loss supplement. Actually, we've seen some sneaky claims that products with the same ingredients have been through clinical trials and had demonstrated success, but this is simply not the same as a clinical trial on the actual Xenadrine EFX formulation, so don't be taken in. In fact, in April 2009 we noticed the US Federal Trade Commission ruled against the marketers of Xenadrine EFX after the final defendant settled charges of making unsubstantiated weight loss claims.

Xenadrine was developed by Cytodine, though the company has since been rebranded as Cytogenix.


Ill Effects: Users have reported many side effects, ranging from nausea to jitteriness.

The older versions of this supplement (Xenadrine RFA-1) contained Ephedra, but given the health problems associated with that substance, this has long since been removed. However, there have been some concerns raised against bitter orange (and its active ingredient synephrine), the ingredient that replaced ephedra. One small University of California San Francisco study found that after giving 10 adults Xenadrine EFX, they experienced an 18% heart rate increase and a 7-12% blood pressure increase--similar acute cardiovascular stimulant actions to the banned ephedra products, according to the report. One dose of Xenadrine EFX allegedly contains the caffeine equivalent of three cups of coffee. Given these concerns, we'd steer clear of even the revised Xenadrine formulations in favour of a more tested weight loss aid.


Prices: Xenadrine can be purchased in the shops, but you can generally get a better price online. Nonetheless, it is still expensive in our opinion, at around £41.10 for a month's supply.

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Key Facts

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• Allegedly increases metabolism
• Now Ephedra-free

• No clinical trial data
• Bitter orange (synephrine) allegedly can cause health problems
• Will cause jitteriness (equal to 3 cups of coffee)

Price: ~£41.10 for month's supply.

Philosophy: Metabolism booster

Clinical Trials: 0

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