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SlimShot is a popular new product which makes broad claims, but there is no scientific trial based evidence to back them up, so we'd stick with better tested products.

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SlimShot Slimming Pill Review

Visit Slimshot Diet Service SiteSlimShot is a popular weight loss product, but the lack of evidence to back up their weight loss claims raises our skepticism. SlimShot tablets come in neat-looking tube packing and dissolve in water to produce an effervescent drink. There are three versions of the product, each in their own colour-coded container:

  • The morning tablet claims to "boost your metabolism and increase your energy" through the combined action of "mate, green coffee, green tea, and olive wood. Cherry-stalk, orthosyphon, and wild-pansy extracts facilitate draining and elimination of toxins. The combination of ash wood and meadow-sweet helps reduce cellulite. Finally, Slim Shot Morning with citrus fruits flavouring helps to maintain the bodies strength during the slimming process with a combination of cola and 10 vitamins."
  • The noon tablet claims to "reduce fat absorption and aid in food digestion" via "citrus pectins, apple pectins and guar gum effectively moderates the appetite, thus helping to restrict the absorption of sugars and fats. Cider vinegar helps to restrict fat storage."
  • The night tablet claims to "burn fat with no stimulants, so you can sleep" via "chromium, which helps to moderate the appetite, and papaya helps to restrict fat storage. The combination of cacao and orange peel stimulates thermogenesis which helps to burn body fat. "

Unfortunately, the above is the limit of information on the company's website about how these products work and how they achieve these impressive and varied effects. We are very skeptical despite the product's popularity--a clinical trial or two showing SlimShots' effectiveness might be different, but the lack of any evidence behind the claims sends up all sorts of red flags.

SilmShot is produced by Silver Slimming, which has been around for some time in the UK weight loss industry. The manufacturers say result may vary, but you may lose 2-3 pounds per week on their product (again, with no study to back the claim up). SlimShot has been featured in UK publications like the Daily Mirror. It should not be confused with the similarly named Slimshots, a different US weight loss product.

The makers advise that users reduce your tea and coffee intake and drink at least 5-10 glasses of water per day, try to eat healthy, and exercise.


Ill Effects: The manufacturers claim SlimShot is made from all-natural ingredients and is not thought to cause any major side effects, though taking more than recommended will have a laxative effect.


Prices: You can buy SlimShot at many chemists and grocery stores, but it is almost always cheaper to buy online. A two-week course costs £16.99 online, so a month's supply with be about £33.98.

SlimShots does offer a money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied with the product.


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Key Facts

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• Tastes pleasant
• Easy to take
• From an established weight loss company

• No clinical trials
• Vague on how varied weight loss effects work
• Not cheap--can get well-tested products for less

Price: £33.98 for month's supply

Philosophy: Metabolism booster

Clinical Trials: 0



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