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Despite the hype, we find little to recommend Slim Bombs, and with no trials--we'd steer clear.

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Slim Bomb Slimming Pill Review

Visit Slim Bomb Diet Service SiteSlim Bomb is a much hyped product with no clinical evidence to back up its claims and an ingredient list that resembles a multivitamin as much as a slimming pill in our opinion--we'd steer clear. Slim Bombs (also known as Blue Bomb, Slimming Bomb, Blue Tablet, Diet Bomb, and Blue Weight Loss Pill) are a natural, herbal based product which aims to attack body fat in two methods. First, they allegedly stimulate a thermogenic effect in the body, raising body temperature and metabolic rate to burn more calories. They also are supposed to serve as a mild appetite supressant.

The manufacturers claim Slim Bomb has been seven years in the making and the result of painstaking research. They are certainly full of ingredients, 12 to be precise: Spirulina, Guarana seed, Paseolamin (northern white kidney bean), bioperine (black pepper extract), Vitamin C, Cayenne pepper, pantothenic acid, green tea lead extract, vitamin B3 Niacin, Riboflavin, Thiamin, and Biotin. Some of these items are used in other weight loss preparations, but many of the vitamins and such find a home more often in a multivitamin, and we're skeptical they'll help you lose weight. We simply don't see how these ingredients (which have to have smaller quantities as 12 items are packed into each pill) can lead to the "quick weight loss" that Slim Bomb claims.

The Slim Bomb website is the most sparse on information and claims of any slimming pill site we've come across--usually we'll see long justifications of what each exotic ingredient is, diagrams on method of action, etc-.-none of that here though, just a lot of slick marketing. We hear that they used to make claims that most Slim Bomb users would lose an average of 14 pounds in seven weeks--without diet or exercise, but there are no definite weight loss claims on the site anymore.

The packaging and little blue pills are certainly distinctive and attractive though--we'll grant them that much. Slim Bombs are manufactured by DPlan Ltd in Cleveland. This company also offers teeth whitening kits, maple syrup, fitness equipment and such notable products as "Up a Cup" breast enhancement pills--we simply don't buy that this outfit has developed a miracle diet pill.


Side Effects: Side effects appear to be fairly common with Slim Bomb--headaches, nausea, insomnia, rapid heart beat, increased temperature, itching and burning sensations.


Prices: Slim Bombs are among the most expensive slimming pills in the UK--£37.50 for a month's supply. The fact that they also have not undergone clinical trials--so you're taking a huge gamble trying them, simply boggles the mind. We don't recommend their purchase when there are so many tested, cheaper slimming aids out there.

At least Slim Bombs have a guarantee--customers should return any unsuitable items within 14 days for a full refund.

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Key Facts

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• Pretty packing/pills
• Some good multivitamin ingredients

• No trials or evidence
• Very pricey
• Not even a good explanation for how they work

Price: £37.50

Philosophy: Metabolism booster

Clinical Trials: 0

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