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Proactol blocks fat absorption nearly as well as prescription-only Xenical (as confirmed in five studies) BUT WITHOUT THE MESSY SIDE EFFECTS --it's a bit pricey, but it should help most people lose weight easily.

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Proactol Slimming Pill Review

Visit Proactol Diet Service SiteProactol is one of the better slimming pills, backed as it is by multiple clinical studies and boasting little or no side effects. Proactol's fibre formula attaches to fats found floating on the surface of the stomach. This creates a fat-fibre complex that is too large to be absorbed in the small intestine, allowing the fat to pass naturally through the body. Proactol is designed to prevent absorption of up to 28% of the dietary fat in anything you eat. Even prescription Xenical (which is much more expensive and has harsh side effects) only stops 30% of fat, so this is quite an impressive performance for a natural, plant-based product.

Proactol is derived from the cactus Opuntia ficus-indica. It consist of two fibre complexes: a non-soluble fibre which binds with fats to form a fluid gel around them, and a soluble fibre which binds with bile acids to create a very viscous solution which slows down digestion. Thus in addition to fat blocking abilities, Proactol also lowers the Glycemic Index of carbohydrates, leveling out blood sugar spikes and suppressing appetite by making you feel fuller for longer.

The makers of Proactol note throughout their literature that theirs is one of the few slimming pills on the market which has been clinically tested. We saw evidence of five clinical and pre-clinical studies of the product. In a 2001 study, 28.3% of fat was blocked, in a 2003 CERN study 27.4% was blocked, and two later TNO studies showed 23% and 28.3% reduction respectively. These were actual studies (though the sample sizes were on the small side). Several of these studies examined the level of fat excreted in faeces, so they should be accurate, though they did not report actual weight losses, merely setting out to demonstrate the product did what it said it did--blocked fat from absorption. Even without the weight loss aspect quantified in the studies, the fact that the product does block fat will almost certainly result in significant weight loss.

Interestingly, another study showed a decrease in LDL ("bad") cholesterol of 10% after two weeks compared to only 3% for the test group, and the clinicians concluded Proactol was also efficient in "cardiovascular risk prevention." We were surprised to see that this cholesterol improvement function is absent from the product's marketing, but that may have more to do with complicated laws on making medical claims, so the manufacturers appear to be sticking to the weight loss benefits.

Proactol also has several recommendations from medical doctors attesting to the fact that this product helped their patients lose weight. On the website you can also see testimonials as well as a glowing profile of Proactol in the UK Daily Express as well as the Telegraph, where it was listed as one of the top five ways to lose weight. Dr Adam Carey, the resident health expert on ITV’s Celebrity Fit Club recommends Proactol. Due to its mechanical fat binding action Proactol is a certified medical device product (MDD 93/42/EEC) for weight management.

Proactol is organic and free from allergens, artificial colouring, flavours, salt, and preservatives. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. People are not advised to take Proactol if they are under 12 years of age, pregnant, or have a BMI below 18.5. Likewise, it is not suitable for people with a digestive intolerance, diabetes, kidney disease or kidney stones. Although Proactol has not been shown to affect the uptake of fat soluble vitamins A and E, the manufacturers do recommend taking a daily multivitamin. Proactol is quite similar to Lipobind, with the same active ingredient, but Proactol has the clinical studies to back its specific formulation up, is slightly cheaper, and blocks 28% of fat versus 27%, so we rank it higher.


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Side effects: There are no clinically reported side effects for Proactol. However, we've seen anecdotal reports of users complaining of digestion-related side effects like constipation and diarrhea. Users should drink plenty of water, which may reduce any side effects.


Proactol Slimming PillsPrices: Proactol is only available through the manufacturer's website--this means there are no resellers to undercut the price or discount versions available on ebay, and as a result the price is not cheap.

Proactol is $79.95 (~£48) per box for a one-month supply. However, if you buy in bulk, you can get significant discounts--for instance, an eight month supply is $340.95, equal to $42.62 (~£25.83) per month. Unfortunately, as the US manufacturer is the only company to sell Proactol (which can be brought worldwide), pricing is not available specifically in pounds, but any credit card should work and handle the exchange rate seamlessly.

If you buy 4 months or more, you also get access to the Proactol Members area, with a forum, online aerobic videos, as well as deep discounts on additional Proactol purchases. There is also a 24/7 customer support team available for questions and advice.

Proactol offers a 120-day money back guarantee.


Common Misspellings: pro actol, pro-actol, pro actol, practol, poractol, proactal, preactol


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Key Facts

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• Backed by five clinical studies
• Studies confirm it blocks ~28% fat
• Also slows food transit, making you feel full for longer

• Pricey--the only way to make price reasonable is buy bulk
• Not a miracle pill
• Wider studies with more participants would be better

Price: $79.95 for one-month supply, best deal is $340.95 for eight month supply, which works out to $42.62/month, or around £25.80

Philosophy: Fat blocker and appetite suppressant

Clinical Trials: 5


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