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Pink Patch

The Pink Patch is unproven and uses questionable marketing and "autoship" automatic sales techniques -- we advise against using this product.

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Pink Patch Slimming Patch Review

Visit Pink Patch Diet Service SiteThe Pink Patch is a much-hyped diet patch, aimed specifically at young women, and makes some extensive claims with little evidence to back them up. Interestingly, we found the same ingredients in the Pink Patch are also used in the Trim24Seven patch, which sells for about half as much--the only difference we can see is these are pink! These diet patches have herbal ingredients, and their transdermal delivery is meant to give you a low dose 24 hours a day.

However, doctors interviewed by the BBC said they were worried that these "sinister" patches were being specifically targeted at young women and teenagers who didn't need to lose weight. The extensive Pink Patch ad campaigns on Facebook and Hotmail have claimed that they use natural appetite suppressants to make you less hungry. The company also make claims such as "No more worries about gaining 1 stone (14 lbs) as a university fresher or sitting at your desk snacking all day." Actually the ads have featured girls who look as young as 14 (though the website says only those over 18 should use it). Troublesome marketing aside, there are simply no clinical trials here, so we're highly skeptical of any weight loss claims.

There are valid uses for transdermal delivery systems--in smoking cessation programs for instance--but they are generally not as effective as capsules which deliver a standardised dose every time. Any number of factors could prevent an optimum and consistent level of the product from being absorbed into the system. The patches themselves are waterproof, so you can where them while swimming or bathing, and you simply replace them every 24 hours.

They contain Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, 5-HTP, Guarana, Zinc Pyruvate, Yerba Mate, Flaxseed Oil, Lecithin, L-Carnitine, Zinc Citrate, and sweet vanilla. You attach the patch to a clean, hairless part of the body, allegedly allowing the ingredients to bypass the acids and enzymes of the digestive system. Some of these ingredients can help with weight loss--Guarana is chemically the same as caffeine, Yerba Mate can help reduce hunger, Fucus seaweed can help digestion, and Zinc Pyruvate can boost endurance, among other things.

Nonetheless, Dr. David Halsam from the National Obesity Forum said there is no convincing evidence people will lose weight on the product, and noted he was troubled by the marketing toward "vulnerable teenagers with image problems who think they need to lose weight but they don't."

We will give the Pink Patch some credit on their recommended diet--a seven day meal plan with some healthy ingredients and sensible choices, ranging from 1100-1500 calories per day and with high fibre choices. As this is product is targeted at young women who will often be preparing food on their own for the first time in their lives, some may pick up some useful eating habits if they follow it (probably a bigger benefit than anything the actual patch can deliver.) There are also some simple exercises recommended--again, useful for those who follow them.

The Pink Patch is manufactured by CYC Marketing, which is registered in the UK but based in the US.


Ill EFfects : We've heard reports of jitteriness, headaches, and restlessness taking Pink Patch, unsurprising given the continuous dosage of guarana/caffeine in the patch. You may experience a mild skin rash if you are sensitive to the Pink Patch's adhesive, which contains latex.


Prices: This product can be ordered as a 14-day "free trial" for only the price of shipping. The catch is, the Pink Patch uses an autoship programme, so once you sign up, you'll get a continuous supply of the product unless you take steps to actively cancel! Their four month supply costs $123.96 ( ~£75), which works out to around £19/month.

We abhor this autoship practice (in fact this is the only product on our site we review with such a practice, something we felt we had to include because of the Pink Patch's popularity, in order to warn people). We have heard reports of some people being charged 80 quid in product they didn't want on the autoship treadmill.

If you feel you absolutely must try this formulation of herbal ingredients to try to lose weight despite the lack of evidence, then we advise trying Trim24Seven instead--it has the same ingredients, no annoying autoship programme, and is much cheaper to boot.

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Key Facts

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• Easy to use--put on and forget
• Some good ingredients

• No evidence for claims
• Nasty autoship programme
• Marketing campaign allegedly aimed at teens

Philosophy: Weight Loss Patch, Metabolism Booster

Price: ~£19/month (beware autoship programme)

Clinical Trials: 0

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