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Mel B Totally Fit

Mel B offers an interesting, high intensity workout you can easily mix and match--a surprisingly good choice for beginners or intermediate users.

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Mel B Totally Fit DVD Review

Visit Mel B Totally Fit DVD SiteMel B Totally Fit offers a novel, interesting workout which you shouldn't tire of too quickly given the mix-and-match nature of the segments. Mel B, aka Scary Spice, has by most accounts done very well with her first fitness video. Unlike so many celebrity workout DVDs, she leads the video without a professional trainer and has the confidence and knowledge to pull it off well. Her enthusiasm is genuinely infectious, and we think she may have found a new calling as a fitness instructor.

The tropical, seaside location is excellent eye candy while you're working out, with plenty of camera angle changes to keep it interesting. There is a mix of women and men behind Mel B, with each doing a low, medium, or high impact version of the particular exercise. One of our few criticisms is the music leaves a bit to be desired though--it sounds pretty generic and elevator music-like.

Mel B offers an intense workout, not for beginners or if you're very unfit. Mel isn't interested in giving you a break, so expect to be working out start to finish. However, technically it's refreshingly simple--not a lot of complicated moves, but you'll regret it if you don't have at least a bit of endurance/fitness to draw on. We like the fact that almost all the moves last one-minute, giving you a chance to learn it before moving on to the next one. The downside, of course, is that the moves can get repetitive.

Unlike many fitness DVDs, there is also a nutritional advice bit, with great tips and a few simple recipes for staying healthy. Her approach is a high protein, low fat one, so nothing controversial and though we've heard it before, it's all sensible dietary advice. There are some essentials she uses like a slow cooker which many people might not have, and there are no precise ingredient lists, though the recipes are simple.

You'll ideally want a non-slip matt (a yoga matt will do) for the workout, and have access to a chair for the leg workouts. In some sections Mel recommends using non-expensive items like bottled water or tins of beans as weights to get more benefit from the workout.


Mel B Totally Fit ScreenshotContent: There is a 5-minute warm-up and cool-down, a 15-minute intense cardio workout, a 20 minute total body cardio section, and separate 10-minute sections for arms, tummies, legs, and bums. Given the 10-minute sections, many users mix and match the workouts to aim for their specific goals.


Prices: The Totally Fit Mel B DVD retails on the high street for £19.99, but you can get it much cheaper on Amazon for around £12.98 ( a great value as this is one of the bigger markdowns we've seen on a new fitness DVD).


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Visit Mel B Totally Fit DVD Site


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Key Facts

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• High energy
• Able to mix and match segments
• Intense cardio workout

• Music a bit boring
• A bit intense if you're a couch potato

Price: £12.98 online, RRP £19.99

Exercise Type: Cardio

Run Time: 85 minutes


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