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The best selling slimming pill in the UK, Lipobind is a popular fat blocker, but has a lack of clinical data backing it up.

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Lipobind Slimming Pill Review

Visit Lipobind Slimming Pill SiteLipobind is a natural fat binder, which when taken after eating a meal will help reduce the amount of fat which your body retains from the food you ingest. The manufacturer notes that clinical trials show it removes up to 27% of undigested fats from a standard meal. This would be quite impressive if you consider that the prescription fat blocker Xenical/Orlistat removes only 30% of fat and often comes with a host of nasty digestive side effects including "faecal incontinence." However, we couldn't find the details of the alleged study, and in early 2009 the Advertising Standards Agency banned Lipobind for promoting "fast weight loss," so we're skeptical.

Unlike Xenical, which is a lipase inhibitor which attaches to fat digesting enzymes to blunt their function, Lipobind's claimed mode of action is by attaching to the fat you've eaten in the stomach. This creates a fat fibre complex which is more resistant to digestion and abortion and which then passes out of the body easily and naturally. A secondary effect is that the fibre complex created expands to form a stable gel, which slows the rate of food emptying from the stomach. This in turn reduces blood sugar spikes (blunting cravings) and helps keep the stomach feeling full, so you'll feel more satisfied and full.

Lipobind is endorsed by several independent doctors and nutritionists, including leading herbal author Dr. Joerg Gruenwald. It is a certified medical product assessed under Medical Device Directive. There are various celebrity endorsements, like Melinda Messenger who lost a stone and a half with the aid of Lipobind, as well as TV presenter Katy Hill. It has featured in several TV commercials. Endorsements aside, we want to see more information on clinical studies. Lipobind is similar to Proactol, with the same main cactus ingredient, but that product is slightly cheaper, blocks 28% vs. 27% of fat, and has five studies backing it, so we rank Proactol much higher.

Lipobind DiagramLipobind is derived from dried cactus extract and comes from a natural and organic source. The manufacturer, Goldshield Healthcare, notes it is free from allergens, artificial colouring, flavours, salt, gluten, and preservatives and is certified for vegan and vegetarian use. Users are directed to drink at least two liters of water per day and eat a healthy diet. Lipobind should not be used as an excuse to binge, particularly on fatty foods. As with the prescription fat-blocker Xenical, Lipobind should be taken with a fat soluble multivitamin, to make up for any nutrients lost by blocking fat with the product. There is a companion multivitamin called Lipobindvits, but this appears to be a fairly standard multivitamin and not worth the premium charged.

According to AC Nielson data, in February 2009 Lipobind became the UK's best selling slimming capsule. However, sales will undoubtedly drop now that the Advertising Standards Agency has banned Lipobind ads for promoting fast weight loss.


Ill Effects: Again, compared to prescription fat blocker Xenical, the side effects appear to be minimal. However, user reports we've seen mentioned it may cause minor stomach aches, bloating, and constipation in some people.


Prices: You can purchase Lipobind at many high street shops, for the recommended retail price of £24.95 for 60 tablets, but you can get considerable discounts by purchasing online, for around £12.00.


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Key Facts

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• Natural fat blocker
• Most popular UK slimming pill
• Appears to have appetite suppression activity as well

• Not enough clinical trial information
• Banned by ASA from fast weight loss ads
• Requires taking several pills per meal

Price: £12 for one-month supply

Philosophy: Fat blocker

Clinical Trials: 0 (Lipobind claims to have clinical trial backing, but provided no links to such studies to verify, and the ASA banned their weight loss commercials (that said, the dried cactus ingredient is similar to that in well- tested Proactol, so it likely has some weight loss benefit.)


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