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Denise Van Outen Pure Dance Workout

Pure Dance Workout was lauded by dance reviewers, but criticised by users for its poor instructions--if you can manage to learn the steps it can be fun and effective.

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Denise Van Outen Pure Dance Workout DVD Review

Visit Denise Van Outen Pure Dance Workout DVD SiteDenise Van Outen Pure Dance Workout is more a dance than fitness DVD, but if you can manage to learn the steps it can be very fun and effective in burning calories. TV presenter, West End star, and actress Denise Van Outen leads this pumping dance workout. The music is key to the mood here, featuring Girls Aloud, Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse, Gabriella Cilmi, and Sam Sparro among others.

This DVD is a rarity being suitable for all fitness levels by allowing you to simply vary the routine's intensity. It does take a good deal of coordination to get through the moves, but they are easily learned after a couple of times. You do have to keep at it a few times though, as there's really not enough in the way of tutorial, and the moves aren't simple. Once you get them down pat, at least you won't need to hit Forward on your remote, but we still would have preferred more instruction.

There has been a good deal of criticism of Denise Van Outen's Pure Dance Workout for being more a dance routine than a fitness workout, and the critics have a point. We've marked it down on Effectiveness, but put it up on Fun, as it is certainly enjoyable and may keep you coming back. I


Content: There are four dance routines in Denise Outen's Pure Dance Workout which target different muscle groups, so you can mix and match if short on time, or do them all in one go.


Prices: The Denise Van Outen Pure Dance Workout DVD retails for £19.99, but you can get it cheaper on Amazon for around £8.98.


Visit Denise Van Outen Pure Dance Workout DVD Site

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Visit Denise Van Outen Pure Dance Workout DVD Site


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Key Facts

Denise Van Outen Pure Dance Workout DVD Logo

• Very fun dance routine
• Great for beginners on up
• Selection of hit music

• More a dance than exercise DVD
• Host isn't very chatty/ motivational unlike many
• Difficult to lean steps given poor instructions

Price: £8.98 online, RRP £19.99

Exercise Type: Moderate dance cardio

Run TIme: 102 minutes


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