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Adios likely does some good as a metabolic accelerator, but it doesn't appear to live up to the media hype.

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Adios Slimming Pills Review

Visit Adios Slimming Pills Slimming Pill SiteAdios is a well-known brand of British slimming pill, but its efficiency is uncertain. Adios is well known for their widespread TV advertising campaigns, and is available at most high street chemists over the counter as well as supermarkets. The manufacturer claims that Adios increases your metabolism, allowing you to burn fat more efficiently.

Adios is a herbal diet supplement, made up of four principal ingredients: Butternut Tree Extract, Dandelion Root (stimulates digestion and has a laxative effect), Boldo Extract (a diuretic which relieves excess fluids), and Fucus Extract (a brown seaweed which increases metabolism). The manufacturer claims aside, by the ingredient list, we suspect much of any weight loss experienced while taking this product is water. If used in conjunction with a low calorie diet and exercise, the product may help you lose that bit more, but you probably won't see much of a permanent result from taking these on their own. At least the pill coatings are sweet and easy to go down.

Unfortunately there is not a record of clinical trials proving (or disproving) Adios's effectiveness--so we wouldn't throw the dice on these pills when there are other over the counter slimming pills (like Phase 2, Zotrim, or Proactol) which are clinically reviewed and similarly cheap.

You should not take Adios if you're sensitive to the ingredients, under 16 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding. Adios is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and those on a gluten free diet. It should not present a problem for people with nut allergies, as the butternut in the product is from the bark of the tree, not the nuts.

Adios are procured by Diomed Herbals. There are two types: regular strength in the green box and maximum strength in the pink--if you're going to bother trying this product, the maximum strength would be our choice.


Side Effects: There shouldn't be many side effects from this herbal supplement, but some users complain of headache, weakness, and diarrhoea. Users often note they go to loo more often when taking Adios. Again, we believe given high water loss on this diet, the headaches and such may be a result of dehydration.


Prices: Adios isn't cheap, but you can generally get a better deal online than from the high street. A one-month's supply of maximum strength Adios goes for around £6.99.


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Key Facts

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• Cheap
• Few/mild side effects
• Well-known

• Not clinically tested
• Losses likely mostly water
• Unlikely to result in weight loss on their own

Price: £6.99 for one-month supply

Philosophy: Herbal metabolic accelerant

Clinical Trials: 0


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